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*First, thank you for the lovely comments and emails about my new blog! Isn’t it shiny and full of color?! I know it took me forever to set it up, but that’s because a) I was super busy with other stuff and b) I was designing and redesigning and redesigning until I figured out what I really liked. And I’m probably not done redesigning yet, but I’m at a good spot right now.

*Second, I know — the first few posts on this blog were not really like the myspace blog. It’s new – I was trying to be different! But I appreciate those of you who wrote to say you missed my silly thoughts. I will continue to write my string of random crap, but I have been pretty busy these days, so you might see more posts full of pics and links. It won’t be totally dull and awful, I promise. And I’m pretty sure my brand of ditzy/giggly/weirdo/sometimes-thoughtful/smile-inducing/wacky musings will continue to come through. So, don’t freak out — there will still be lots of stream-of-consciousness brilliance to read, and I will be sure to update you all on my hair.

*So, what have I been busy doing? Lots of stuff. My job kinda changed, so that has kept me busy, but I really like it. However, I feel like I stare at a computer screen now more than ever, so I don’t love being online once I get home. Also, my company implemented some big-time blocks on the internet, so I couldn’t blog at work even if I had time to. Or check my personal email, or read blogs, or visit much of anything entertainment-related, or see images on pages that aren’t blocked, or listen to online music, or watch videos, or check out stuff that has nothing to do with work. For the most part. And since a lot of the stuff I like to blog about comes from those sources, I’ve had less that I want to write about. But that’s ok — less time online is good (for me at least).

*And what else has been going on? A little bit of this, a little bit of that — good stuff mostly. Come on — did you think I was going to completely change and start using the new blog to bare my soul and publicize every little thing about myself? You know me better than that… 🙂

*Fancy has been doing very well. Still as spunky as ever. However, as soon as she celebrated her 5th birthday (I know! Very awesome!) on July 13, she developed an extreme aversion to cuddling and any physical contact at all. In fact, she’s not afraid to snap and nip at anyone who tries to touch her (even me). She’s old and has a gassy belly, so I understand that she wants to be left alone. But we still go outside a lot, have dance parties and snack on strawberries together. And I get far more kisses than bites, which is the best.

*So, that’s that, for now. Keep checking in — I am going to continue to add and enhance and improve and whatever, because my plan is for this blog to be really fun. I mean, who wants dull?


pretty pic by Maja Sten

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  1. Ken permalink
    09.05.2009 11:02 pm

    I can’t believe I didn’t know/remember that Fancy has the same birthday as my Mom, and Sara’s bestie Dina, and Kevin Schichner…

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