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I will give them all hugs…


(I’m pretty sure this picture has nothing to do with the photos below – I just really like it [via the black apple])


I was just skimming some stuff today, and I came across a couple of things:

–I heard about this book awhile ago, and these photographs are very great. Just have to say — Robert Downey Jr. laying in bed naked and crying makes me love him for an entirely new reason (visit her web album to see). [via if you got it, flaunt it]

–Sometimes I’m like, “Eh, cute, but not super crush worthy.” And then I see pics like these and throw that “eh” in the trash. [via ontd]

This house is gorgeous; good for Ms. Portman. If you’ve ever wondered what my apartment looks like, check out her fireplace. My entire home would fit in there! [again, via ontd]

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