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I know…not happy happy…


So, I think I worked it out and I’m almost positive I can go to the screening of Where the Wild Things Are hosted by 826 CHI. Do I want my friends to come with me? Yes, very much! Does it make me sad that for the most part, my friends do not come to any 826 events and have never even visited the site itself? Yes, very much. I’m not going to get whiny or go on a rant, but… I have worked so so so hard to help create an organization that does an amazing amount of work and helps children tremendously. (I have numbers to back this up if you don’t believe me.) I am so proud of this, I can’t even accurately explain it. But, for the most part, my friends seem to really not care. And it hurts.

This is an amazing organization and I just want to share it with people I care about. I don’t care if my friends/fam donate fat loads of cash, I just want them to come to events (which are mostly very inexpensive, but always extremely fun) and see the site itself.

So, that’s that. It’s time to devote some time to the wild thing that lives in my house — Fancy. She’s a nutter, but she’s my nutter, so we’re going to play and dance a little before bed. I think Max would be cool with that.


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