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I like these, look at them.




*I swear I had something really interesting to say, but it seems to have skipped out. I typed my little intro-blurb asterisk, and out went all the thoughts in my head. Seriously, I really super HATE when people call me “spacey staci” especially to my face. But I suppose it is fitting sometimes. Doesn’t mean I won’t kill you for calling me that, however.

*As you know, the internet censors at work block much of the internet. Today, the censors told me the Indiana Department of Natural Resources was porn. That would make natural resources so much more interesting to so many more people, but it simply isn’t the case. Anyway, the censors block much of what interests me online, so I have to peruse at home from time to time. Tonight, I was catching up on How About Orange, and I was directed to Share Some Candy.




*And then I fell in love. The top and directly above lovelies are by Al Murphy. Below is by Ben Javens. It’s a rule — you gotta love anyone who makes pretty pictures out of a quote from Amelie.


I know, I sound like an idiot when I talk about art I like. Can’t help it — never learned how to discuss art like a smart person. But I want to say more than “I like this, look at it.”

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