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Presents for you!



I was really going to work out tonight and take care of a few other things around the house, but instead I made you a mix and a pretty picture! The collage is pretty big – it should fit a big size computer screen if you want it as your desktop (as I did). I’m going to do my best to credit the images in the collage — the pic of Maleficent is from Disney, the pics of the “twisted princesses” are by Jeffrey Thomas, the pics of My Morning Jacket are by whoever took them and the rest I don’t know.*

The super awesome, but not creatively titled “Happy Halloween!” mix was created for you, by me. It has some fun stuff that is danceable for the most part. Some of the songs are about Halloween, some are about scary stuff and some are just creepy. Enjoy!

Music Playlist at

*The images in the collage are from a file of images that are shared by my coworkers. So, I’m not sure where my lovely coworkers got all of the images. If/when I find out this info, I will update this post! (to be sure, I did not create any of these images – I simply used some technology to arrange them in a manner that was attractive to me.)

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  1. 11.02.2009 1:09 pm

    Hello there, Happy Happy Halloween!!

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