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Here I am…


*Ugh. I haven’t posted anything since October?!?! I’m sorry. I wish that was not the case. The last couple weeks have been awful in terms of work stress and the amount of work I had to do. I don’t even want to talk about it because it will put me in bad mood. Just know, that when I’m not posting, it’s not because I’m bored or being lazy. I’m simply too frantic with other stuff.

*But enough about that. I’m going to try to just write what pops into my head (just like the myspace blog used to be, for the most part). I’m going to stop when I get too tired.

*I’ve done some silly shopping lately. Last week, my favorite pajama pants finally cashed out, so I headed over to Old Navy to get some non-flannel lounge wear. (When it gets colder, my pj collection is well stocked. I needed something for this not-hot-not-super-cold weather.) Lucky for me, there was a big sale, and I got some good stuff for cheap. There’s little I love more than ridiculous looking pjs. I did my other shopping for silly items at a used bookstore. Yesterday I got it in my head that I needed some holiday joke books. Thanksgiving and Christmas, preferably. I found exactly what I was looking for. If you’re lucky, I’ll do some holiday themed post and share some of my finds. I might even throw some in during posts that aren’t holiday-centric. You’ll have to wait and see.

*Still no broadcast or cable TV in my home. Instead, I’ve been living on a steady diet of Okonokos (which I bought and love) and Netflix DVDs, primarily episodes of Spaced and The Mighty Boosh. There is no question — watching these shows has caused some British slang to slip into my everyday speech. I don’t think it’s annoying yet, but we’ll see. I promise to try to keep it under control. But I won’t stop giggling to myself at random moments. Bob Fossil just does it every time. “You know, the gray leg-face man!” or “The brown hand foot man!” The next time I visit a zoo I will have many giggle fits, I promise you. And I look forward to it.

*I was in the western suburbs on Friday for some New Moon madness. It was mad, I promise you, but cute at the same time. One of my good friends is a bit of a Twilight obsessive. I hadn’t seen her in awhile, so I told her I would come visit to see New Moon with her. I did not like the books (but yes, I did read them, all four) or the first movie, but I wanted to see my friend, the Bizarro Staci (this is all for another post, but I’m pretty sure this friend and I are complete opposites of each other but our names rhyme, which is very cool). So, we went to the theater where she had bought our tickets weeks ago. The theater complex was filled with teenage girls in groups of 10 or 20. Our theater was filled with girls about 15 years younger than us, and their moms. The movie was better than the first in my opinion (the Bella/Edward story line is BLEH, but this movie focused on Bella and Jacob, which I like a lot more),  but it was also enhanced by scores of girls screaming any time one of the guys in the movie did something cute or lovable or both. It just made me laugh really hard, which was fun and unexpected. Even better, I got to hang out with Trass, which is always a treat.

*Ok, I need to go to bed. Well, I need to feed Fancy and then go to bed. It’s been fun catching up, even though it’s been brief. I’ll do my best to check in again before Thanksgiving. But if not, I hope you get to enjoy food half as good as what my mom and I will prepare. Eat well, see you soon. 🙂

pretty pic courtesy of the beautiful project

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