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A Turkey Dance?


*I am a little too sleepy to blog extensively tonight, but I have a couple things for you.

*I am now the proud owner of TWO beverage mugs from Chicago Public Radio. I hope drinking from them doesn’t make me extra snobby or geeky, but it could. You could say I’m already extra geeky by opting for TWO mugs and foregoing all other thank you gifts when I subscribed. If you do say that, I think I’m too snobby to care. Or not. 🙂

*I’m in search of a funny blog about grammar — tips, correct usage, etc. — but I want it to be funny and clever and cute. Admittedly, I have not searched too hard for this. But if you know of one, send me a link.

*With this being a short work week, I got it in my head last night that I didn’t need to sleep. So, I stayed up until about 1 am for no good reason. I was just messing around online and reading magazines. But part of my play time involved making you a mix. I used this new site (new to me) I found a couple of weeks ago — I hope it works. I added a Thanksgiving-themed song, although it isn’t Alice’s Restaurant, which I have been told is THE Thanksgiving-themed song. You can find that one on your own. I was listening to this mix and wondering if there was a turkey dance. On Sesame Street, Bert had his pigeon dance, which I love. (“Doin’ The Pigeon” gets stuck in my head whenever I see a bunch of pigeons hanging out.)

Anyway, I hope you like it. Yes, I know, I put another MMJ song on it. I can’t help it — they are all I want to listen to right now. If you are tired of MMJ in all my mixes, you can just skip their song. But that is silly — they are awesome, so why would you skip them?!

Ok, for some reason I can’t embed the mix into this blog post. So just click on the cute picture above and it will take you to the mix (at least I hope so). I promise to get better at this mix-posting stuff soon.

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  1. Ken permalink
    11.25.2009 10:11 am

    The gal I share an office with at Roycemore does Grammar Girl, but I’m pretty sure you know that one, and I don’t really know it’s levels of funny or not.

    I shall do my morning coupon/deal searching to your mix now. Greatly enjoying it starting with Mr. Ant.

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