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What I Did During My Christmas Vacation…


Hello blog and readers of my blog! I am so sorry I’ve been away for so long. I wasn’t avoiding you, I was just really tired and needed and break from the computer. From about 10:45 am on December 23, 2009, until about 6 am on January 4, 2010, I was on vacation from work. For about 9 weeks prior to that, I was in the midst of insane deadlines, which made it hard for me to blog or do a number of other things I enjoy doing. But I’m back now and would like to update you on what I did (also, what I didn’t do) on my Christmas Vacation.

What I Did:

–Received some AWESOME costume jewelry from one of my aunts. I’ve believed for years that I inherited some of my style sensibilities from my Aunt Jan, and now I’ve inherited some of her actual possessions, which makes me feel so blessed. I love wearing accessories from my family/friends because even the tiniest trinket reminds me that I’m lucky to have these people in my life. (I know this sounds cheesy, but I’m being completely sincere.) My Aunt Jan gave me a ring called “Pink Ice.” I love love love it. It’s pink, sparkly and unique. In a word — amazing.

–Reveled in the fact that my family makes the BEST Christmas cookies in the world (and I get to eat them, even though I don’t bake). I spent almost two full weeks eating Christmas cookies for breakfast. Not healthy, but super delicious. Julie (my sister, aka “Jumada”) made a new type of cookie this year, and it may be my favorite cookie ever. I became addicted to them. No, she will not make them for you – I won’t let her!

–Spent many days in various sweat-suit-type outfits.  I was cozy and comfy and relaxed.

–Got a few good workouts playing Wii Resorts. In fact, I was the best in my family at one of the basketball games (and I totally gloated). I was completely and terribly awful at Wii Resorts Golf, but Sword Fighting was super lots of fun.

–Made a delicious appetizer recipe that featured crabmeat and Old English cheese. It was new to me, and it was fantastic.

–Finally saw Gomorrah. Loved it, but it left me with a “great, just one more thing to worry about” feeling. I got so taken in, that at one point I thought I was watching a documentary and not a fictional narrative based on facts and real stories. I paused the dvd and thought back on the movie, realizing a documentary crew would never be able to film some of the scenes. Seriously, I have no idea how anyone will make another movie that glamorizes the mob/mafia/gangsters ever again. I plan to start reading the book (on which the movie was based) sometime this week. Also, I’m not sure how I’m going to rationalize my love of Gucci/D&G/Versace/Armani, etc., with the knowledge I gained from this movie. I’ll work on that later.

–Napped almost daily. Awesome!

–Discovered how funny and smart and entertaining and fabulous the movies in “The Thin Man” series are. Oh, swoon. I only saw the first two, but now I want to see the rest.

–Visited my first Sonic. Very, very delish. Excited to go again someday.

–Saw Avatar and Sherlock Holmes and enjoyed both very much. Here are the thoughts I had about these films:


-Other planets do not seem to have fat people/beings.

-I do not have the reflexes, coordination or mental capacity to survive on Pandora, so I’m glad I don’t have to.

-Does James Cameron hate the military? Also – how do members of the U.S. military feel about their portrayal in the movie?

Sherlock Holmes:

-I’ve never met or heard of anyone else named “Sherlock.”

-I need to find out what construction industry professionals (who I speak to almost daily for my job) think about action sequences performed at construction sites. (What could actually happen and what could not?)

-Jude Law is hot with a moustache.

What I Didn’t Do:

–Wear makeup, other than lip gloss.

–Shower everyday. This was great for my hair!

–Think about work.

–Hook up my TWO Aerogardens – yet. I definitely plan to soon. So super cool – I may actually be able to finally grow something.

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  1. Angela permalink
    01.20.2010 4:28 pm

    You forgot that you got to visit with your oldest friend and two adorable little maniacs who enjoyed playing with velcro-covered ping pong balls.

    • staci permalink*
      01.21.2010 9:41 pm

      Yes! That was definitely the most fun and entertaining part of my vacation. Between James’s insistence on everyone praying and Isaac’s “I know I’m bad but look how cute I am!” face, it was almost an adorable overload! And I’m not sure which was more fun — the boys’ attempts to throw balls that were velcroed to their gloves or watching them admire their dad’s new electric drill. They are too too sweet — I need to see you more often so I can snuggle them lots before they grow up and decide they are not gonna snuggle any more 🙂

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