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Home Sweet Home?


I have to trash/give away/pack my goods in preparation for my move, but I’m gonna blog a bit first because I have a bunch of stuff to post. As of now, I’ll be moving around 3/1 to Ravenswood in Chicago. On Thursday I thought I would be moving to a cute place near Damen/Lawrence. Yesterday that changed and I’ll probably be in a gorgeous place near Damen/Sunnyside. I will try to quickly take you through my thought processes in the last few days:

Thurs evening:

While I was viewing the Damen/Lawrence place for the 2nd time: “Yes, this place is super cute. I love all the closets and built ins. It’s smaller than my current place, but that’s ok. I need to get rid of a bunch of stuff anyway, and my furniture will fit. It will be fine — this place is too cute to pass up. Plus, they have a special where I’ll get one month free, which will make the cost of this place less than what I’m paying now. Cute cute cute.”

Later when I arrive back at my current apt: “Fuck. Forgot about Fancy’s cage. Where the fuck is that going to go? Shit. Not getting rid of Fancy – might have to get rid of the bookshelf. Fuck. What the fuck did I just do?!”


Comment from friend Beth, after hearing the whole deal: “We’ll, you can always sell your bookshelf. What sucks is that someday you’ll move to a bigger place and you’ll have room for the bookshelf again. But you’ll be ok.”

My thoughts: “I don’t really want to sell my bookshelf. I really like it. Fuck. Why did I chose a smaller place? Whatever, it’s fine. It will be good for me to get rid of stuff. Good good good.”

Saturday morning:

Message from Apt People: “Staci, we spoke to the owner at the Damen/Lawrence place and she said the one-month-free special is only good if you move in by Feb 1. Please call us.”

My thoughts: “Hmm. So, I move into a smaller place in one week, lose the one month free and end up paying more than I pay now. I wonder if I can get my 2nd choice place. That place is bigger than my current one, the cost would be less because more utilities are included and it’s gorgeous. Wait — why the fuck was that my 2nd choice?!”

thoughts from farther back in my head: “Yeah, it was your 2nd choice because it’s around the corner from where your loser boyfriend used to live, and you have negative associations with that corner. He doesn’t live there anymore, but still. If anything, you should have negative associations with your current apt because that is where all the bad shit went down with him, but I love my current place. Hmm. *light bulb* Well…the apt is halfway between the Damen and Montrose el stops. If you use the Damen stop, you won’t have to walk by the shitty street corner very much.” Suddenly, the 2nd choice place looks a million times better.

My mom’s comments: “Staci, you can’t allow yourself to have thoughts like that. You have to get it out of your head. That loser almost just cost you a gorgeous new apartment! You can’t let him or anyone like that bother you so much.”

My thoughts after talking to my mom: “Whatever, I can have negative thoughts about street corners or places if I want to. It’s not abnormal, a lot of people have negative associations with things or places. Yes, I can get over my negative feelings toward that one corner if I move into the neighborhood, but still. She doesn’t know.” concurrent realization: she’s totally right. dammit. ugh. whatever.

Super cool dude from Apt People: “Yes, you can totally transfer your deposit to the place at Damen/Sunnyside. You just have to come in and sign a piece of paper allowing us to do this. Actually, that place is cheaper than the original one, so we’ll owe you $50. Not a problem. See you soon.”

Me: Happiness!

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  1. Ken permalink
    01.25.2010 10:26 am

    Seriously, this makes officially every one of my city friends except like two live over there.
    Apparently the Damon Brown Line is the spot to live at if you know Ken.

    • staci permalink*
      01.25.2010 2:13 pm

      Well, the gods must have decided that you need to visit that area more, because it was not my choice at all to find an apt there. I said I wanted Edgewater/lake front/high rise and the apt people ended up finding me three awesome places in Ravenswood, none of which are in a high rise, which is OK by me. I guess being on the 3rd floor is all the height I need. I don’t want to have a “housewarming” party but I do want to have some kind of party. Maybe we need to think about co-bday parties at my place so it’s easy for all your city friends to come!

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