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Bum bum ba bums!


*If you follow my blog and my tweets, you probably know that I have been making some mixes and posting the links to them on twitter, but not on the blog. This is because I usually create the mixes at work (while also doing actual work, really), but I can’t blog at work, but I want to share my mix ASAP, so I post it to twitter. Someday soon, I promise, I will post links to all of the mixes on the *dance* page. Until then, you can find my mixes here.

*In other mix-related news — I posted a mix yesterday, but it’s not really my best work. It’s ok — enh. I made it because 1) I overheard a dude on the bus talking about wanting to write a self-help book, and then 2) at work, someone was complaining to me that everything they like is bad for them. This made me think of “Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk” by Rufus Wainwright, which is one of my favorite songs EVER. So, I’m thinking about CaCM and then remembered the self-help author dude, and I decided to create a self-help mix. But then I got distracted and forgot it was a self-help mix, and it kinda became an advice mix. Which is ok, but not spectacular — things are usually better when I’m focused. I really liked the mix I posted last Wednesday, which I was hoping would inspire the listener to dance for warmth (it was very cold here in Chicago). So, because of last week’s mid-week success, I think I’m going to make Wednesday mix day. I will try to post a new mix at least every Wednesday, but maybe more often if I feel inspired. I was all about the mixing yesterday — while making the self-help mix, I pretty much finished this year’s Valentine Mix. I’m sure I’ll tweek it a bit before 2/14, but it’s pretty darn good so far. I’m excited to share 🙂

*And now we’ve come to the real reason I decided to blog this evening. I was looking over some of my old posts and smiled at the pic I posted of the three ladies in panties showing off their butts. It’s just cute cute cute. Well, then I was browsing around FFFFOUND! and discovered Arses (lots of them). It’s probably a little NSFW, but I think it’s still pretty fun. And hurray! — this is my first NSFW post! (I’m super proud of this, although I’m not sure why)

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