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New boyfriend!


As you may recall, I am currently without broadcast or cable television channels, so I am not watching the Super Bowl. I’m following it online a bit, but nothing hard core. I had plans to go to a party, but Fancy isn’t feeling too hot and I wanted to stay with her. She hasn’t been feeling well much of the time lately, so I’m trying to have as much Fancy time as I can while I can. But let’s not focus on that — I have boy stuff to bring to your attention.

I’m not watching the Super Bowl, but I do have a new linebacker boyfriend! I read this article from the NY Times and then also this post on Jezebel, and the crush was solidified. Scott Fujita is my new fave smartie liberal beefcake. He’s a super hottie who believes everyone should have equal rights. *swoon*

This article from the Boston Globe had my favorite quote of his: “To me, it’s not that courageous to have an opinion, especially if you wholeheartedly think it’s the right thing. For me, standing up for equal rights is the right thing to do.’’

Here, feel free to gush over how cute he is!

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