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I heart cheese.


Ok, last night Mr. Cupid dropped off a little V-Day package that included hot cocoa mix, buttershots, diet coke, limeade and maraschino cherries, among other things. Ummm — in my world, those are the best beverages to be had on valentine’s day and every day. In case you’re confused, the buttershots goes into the cocoa, and the cherries go into both the diet coke and limeade. I also got some regular cherries just to eat. Kinda awesome because a) cherries are my favorite fruit and b) someone knew I also love cherries because I don’t have to share them with Fancy (she doesn’t like them). Don’t get me wrong, I love sharing with Fancy, but it’s nice to have something for myself sometimes. Anyway, the bottom line is that I think someone likes me. *happy face*

Right now I’m working until it’s time to make dinner (not a “romantic” dinner, just yummy food), but I needed to take a break. I decided to spend my break checking out Jezebel and posting a quick blog. Well, on Jezebel I saw this post and what I loved about it was all the comments. SO MANY great songs!! Wow. (Obviously, all the good songs are in the comments — Billboard and Pauly D didn’t do the best jobs. But, before this I didn’t know who Pauly D was, so at least I learned something!)

Inspired by this post and all the great comments, I decided to think about love songs that I love, if I was making a mix just for myself. I’m just going to post the song names, if you want to hear the actual songs, I’m sure you can find them somewhere (I don’t have time to do the 8tracks thing right now). Lots of stuff from musicals — those dudes knew how to write some great love songs, for real. Yeah, I like some cheese and schmaltzy stuff, but that’s ok — the point of making a mix for yourself is that you don’t have to think about anyone else! Also, this list is songs I didn’t include in the 8tracks mix — think of this as an addendum to that one.

Fantastic Love Songs (in no particular order):

Diggin’ On You, TLC

He’s Outta Sight, The Rondelles

Steam Engine, My Morning Jacket

Do You Love Me?, The Fiddler On the Roof

La La Love You, The Pixies (Shake your butt — definitely a loving command.)

I’ve Grown Accustomed To Her Face, My Fair Lady (The character who sings this song is an ass, but this is still beautiful.)

I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend, The Ramones (Swoon worthy, for sure.)

PYT, Michael Jackson

You Really Got Me, The Kinks

People Will Say We’re In Love, Oklahoma (A flirty love song – awesome.)

Being In Love, The Music Man (I always love this song, but particularly when I’m single and not in love with anyone specific.)

Does Your Heart Go Boom?, Helen Love

Need You Tonight, INXS

Hello Young Lovers, The King & I

Just In Time, Bells Are Ringing (This song is WOW. It was a huge influence on how I thought about love and relationships when I was little (and probably still do). A handsome guy who can sing and dance and is funny?! Perfect. Yeah, it helps that he’s Dean Martin.)

Your Song, Elton John (Pretty obvious, I know.)

Start To Melt, Peter Bjorn & John

On My Own, Les Miserables (Ugh. So beautiful, but on a bad PMS day, this song forces the tears out of my eyes at a very fast pace.)

Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again, Phantom of the Opera (cheese to the extreme!, but I love it)

Something, The Beatles

I’m Your Man, Leonard Cohen

Mission: Irresistible, The Rondelles

Just Like Heaven, The Cure (Yeah, favorite.)

Fools Rush In, Bow Wow Wow

Hmmm. I should make this list into an actual mix. It’s pretty darn good. Hearted!

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