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There is always time to dance.


Ok, this will probably be my last blog post until I’m in my new place. I gotta close down the ‘puter and get serious about getting the rest of the bits and bobs (and a cutie pig) in boxes and/or her super deluxe carrier. But right now I’m waiting for someone representing my moving guys to show up with a couple boxes (for free!!). I’m paranoid that I won’t hear the buzzer in the back of the apartment where I’m working, so I’m in the front room and taking this time to share a new mix with you. Yes, I’m packing and working hard, but I’m dancing while I do all of it! I made this mix last week when I was a little stressed at work, but I think it is just as good while you’re packing boxes. More than packing boxes, however, I’m just trashing a ton of stuff. Ok, maybe not an official ton, but it’s a lot. I really love the trashing part of moving! Ok, enough nonsense from me. Here you go:

Unfortunately, all of my gold sequined outfits are already packed (and I do actually have some of those), so they will not be able to be part of the outfit that I’m wearing when I officially enter my new apartment. I’m sure that would have brought me some good luck — maybe I can fashion a sequined headdress out of something for when I open the doors and invite my movers over the threshold…

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  1. 03.13.2010 12:24 am

    O.k i’m almost done commenting on your blog for the day my fingers are going numb and my eyes are going fuzzy! Time for some sleep! night all.

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