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There’s no place like home!


Hello darlings! I am finally blogging from my new apartment! It’s taken awhile to get the internet hooked up and get my laptop to cooperate, which is why the blog has been so neglected recently. My goal is to be here more often now that I’m mostly settled into the new place.

The new place is not the place I thought I was moving into, which was a surprise to me and my new landlord. Right before I moved in, there was some confusion about whether I was 12, if I had children and why my keys didn’t work. The first two concerns were cleared up quickly, but the key situation was puzzling to me and my building manager. Turned out that either Apt People showed me the wrong apartment or they gave me the wrong lease to sign. So, I had signed a lease for a place I’d never seen before. When that was cleared up, I had to decide if I wanted the place on the lease or the place I’d seen (they are right across the hall from each other). I spent about 20 minutes walking back and forth between the two and ultimately decided to take the one on the lease. (It was just easier, cheaper and the building manager threw in some awesome upgrades).

Everyone who’s been here so far agrees that the new place is much better than the old place. It just seems to have a better vibe and is much cozier than the other place. I miss Uptown a bit, but it’s not far away, so I still go there whenever. This apartment is just really comfortable and cute, and has a TON of storage.

Fancy seems to like the new place, but she’s a little confused about where the kitchen is. Whenever I go into the bathroom, she gets mad that I don’t come back with any food for her. And when I do go into the kitchen, she watches for me to come back by staring at the wall behind her (which is not where the kitchen is). But she likes walking around, possibly because this place has a more interesting lay out than the old one. However, this place forces her cage to be the focal point of the living room, which I don’t love, but I’m dealing.

I’ll post some pictures when the place is more decorated. Pic above from dandelion day dream.

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