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Stuff of super importance that I’ve bought for my new apartment.


I recently moved, and although I’m trying to rid my home of “stuff,” there are a few things the new place needs. I’ve been great at keeping my shopping to a minimum, but my minimum is most likely other people’s maximum. La di da. Here is a list of important and/or silly items I’ve purchased for the new place.

1. Canvas purse featuring a bejeweled peacock ($6) — This place has a lot of hooks, which makes it easy for me to display my collection of bags. This bag is perfect for fun summertime excursions. (Yes, the new apartment totally NEEDED this bag.) And it features a bejeweled peacock. Duh.

2. Dish drainer ($7) — My shopping can be really annoying to other people, which is why I shop alone most of the time. If I want/need something, I’m going to shop the hell out of it to find the coolest, most affordable version, and this is exhausting and unnecessary to most people. But it’s what I do. My new dish drainer is periwinkle in color and I loooove it.

3. Shower organizer ($12) — My new bathroom has FIVE towel rods, but limited counter space and no place to store products in the shower because I have a claw-foot tub (which has renewed my love of baths, btw). So, I searched high and low for an organizer that would meet my needs, and I found this. Seriously, I look at it every day and smile. I really shouldn’t love objects this much. (ummm, the price is a lot higher than when I bought it — score!)

4. A U.S. history book that was published in 1877 ($8) — Yeah, 1877. I couldn’t not get this. It’s so cool. It’s 100 years older than me, so I’m a little afraid to handle it too much, but it’s still very awesome. Trust.

5. A Franciscan Starburst dish ($11) — See picture above. I love these dishes and now I have one. It will probably be used as some sort of decor, but I’m not sure. I’m just excited to have a piece.

Don’t worry, more shopping TK!

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