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Lists I’ve enjoyed recently…


A list of lists, yes. I’ll get better with my lists soon, I promise. Just give me some time.

1. Benefits Not Provided By “Friends With Benefits.” If only! McSweeneys

2. Top 10 Underrated Fantasy Stories Before 1937. I actually knew most of these already, but I’m not sure why. I didn’t study much literature in college and fantasy is not the genre I most frequently turn to. Maybe my family just liked reading the old stuff to me when I was little? Listverse

3. Showcase of 40 Scary Wallpapers. I love finding collections of desktop wallpapers, because I get bored easily and like to switch mine up. I wouldn’t say most of these are scary, but they’re fun. Our Tuts

4. Twenty Undeniably Awesome Beards In Movies. This list just made me giggle. Hart Bochner drew me in, but all of them are pretty good. I heart facial hair. Unreality

5. The Top 13 Worst One-Episode TV Shows. The 4th on the list is so bad for so many reasons, but fascinating! The Top 13

6. Ten Movie Scenes That Can Make Guys Cry. Yeah, guys and Staci. Up is the worst! Unreality

7. My Personal Netflix Recommendation Categories. Specific and perfect. McSweeneys

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