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Pros & Cons: TV edition


After six months without, I got cable again. Some thoughts:

Pro: Cartoons, pretty much whenever.

Con: WTF is “Pretty Wild”? I can’t be bothered to look it up, but it seems like bad news.

Pro: In going without for so long, I rid myself of an interest in reality TV. Nice!

Con: It is such a major time suck.

Pro: I’ve started to love basic cable dramas, primarily Saving Grace, In Plain Sight and my major love, Burn Notice. (thx jumada!)

Con: It’s my own fault, but TV tends to keep me on my bum. And I need to move said bum. Not sit on it.

Pro: Modern Family, Always Sunny, The Soup, 30 Rock and a couple other shows that make me laugh a lot. And Louie is coming soon. Major pro.

Con: Another bill.

Bottom line — I don’t need TV, but I like it. I’m keeping it for now, but I wish I liked it less.

Saint Clare of Assisi, any thoughts?

ps — my stupid computer and/or internet connection won’t let me upload images right now. I’m not happy about this. I have pictures for every one of my recent posts that is without images, and I will add them as soon as I can. thank you.

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