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Feelin’ nerdy, in a good way!


It makes me super sad, but I still can’t post images!!! Not cool Mr. Computer and/or Internet, not cool at all. I am so not a text-only girl, but my blog has to have an image-less existence right now if it wants to exist. Ugh. I am going to figure out how to fix this problem this week, I promise. New for the to-do list: “Fix image problem on list blog.” Lists rule my life! 🙂

I made a new mix the other day in response to the nerdy mood I was in. I had on a nerdish outfit (it was pretty cute at the same time, IMHO) and I was geeking out about some of the stories I was working on — one guy’s cool management principles and theories, a company working in Eritrea (which I’m embarrassed to say I’d never heard of before I did this story), and a company that makes breathalizers its biz. So, I made a mix that’s pretty nerdy and fun. Listen up!

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