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Good Stuff List — 4.25.10


Another list of links — more stuff I read in the past week that I enjoyed a lot. Hope you like it, too.

*As I’m sure you noticed, Earth Day was this week. This article at Salon does a good job at explaining why being green can be so difficult. And expensive! The Hypocrisy of the Green-Living Bullies

*But, it’s still good to be friendly to our home planet, and Poppytalk has some free downloadables to help you pretty up your recycling. 🙂

*You can’t really talk about pretty without mentioning Whorange. She celebrated rainbows and had a tea party for the earth! (ps – I heart Mark Ryden!)

*Need some nosh for your tea party? The Kitchn posted a bunch of yummy sandwich ideas. I’ve had The Spanglish many, many times, and I’ve mastered the recipe for Pimento Cheese, but now I wanna try the Farmer’s Lunch and the Cheese & Onion. Oh, and every other one on the list.

*You probably also need some dessert and conversation topics for your little party. Well, Techland explains how to Diss Like Shakespeare and World of Wonder has a Centuple-Stuff Cookie. I want.

*And finally, my fave site Jezebel had some trouble with Scott Baio this week (wrapped up quite nicely by Salon), but that didn’t keep the awesome “lesbian shitasses” from explaining what is so great about my absolutely favorite 80s high school comedy.

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