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Third time’s a charm…


I’ve already started two different blog posts tonight and stopped. They kinda exhausted me. This is my final attempt for the evening.

*I’m really loving my new apartment. I’ll have to have some people over to see it soon. I mean, people (other than me) have seen it, but I should invite more people over. The place is really cute.

*I’m all about yellow and orange for my bathroom, and a peacock blue/green for my kitchen. In fact, I’m loving that color combo so much right now that I’m gonna ask if I can paint my kitchen. I don’t yet have a dominant color or color combo for my living room or bedroom.

*Speaking of peacocks, I’m still obsessed. Did I ever tell you the story about my peacock dream? If so, you can skip this part. A couple of years ago, I had a very vivid dream that my cousin Sue and her long-time boyfriend, Jerry, had three peacocks in their large backyard garden. In the dream, Sue and Jerry were working in their garden and I was chatting with my grandmother while we watched the peacocks. The dream was so vivid that I thought it was real, and while at a party at her house last year, I asked Sue what she and Jerry had done with the peacocks. She looked at me like I’m crazy (‘cuz I am) and said she never had peacocks. I told my dream to her (at that point I still really thought it was a memory of an actual event in my life, not a memory of a dream), and her response was, “Staci, that never happened.” Then she took that back and said it was likely all of it could have happened and probably did, minus the peacocks. And then we all laughed a lot and I made fun of myself and we laughed more. Bottom line, I love peacocks and wish my dream had been real because I want a real peacock experience. Someday, Staci, someday.

*Trying to rid yourself of insomnia by shopping online is not a good idea. At least it isn’t for me. That activity got me two crazy rings — one featuring a robot and one with a ginormous fake peacock feather. I like the big crazy rings, but I can’t say I would have purchased those if I’d been fully awake.

*I’m not a Russell Crowe hater. In fact, I often like him a lot. LA Confidential, Blue Tunic* — two examples of Crowe goodness in my opinion. But this article really made me giggle. And didn’t really change my feelings about him — I’m pretty sure I enjoy the characters much more than the actual man.

*I’m joining a badminton league. I’m quite super excited about this. I know I’m naturally not very sporty, but I effing love badminton. Shuttlecock.

*”Blue Tunic” is not the name of a movie Russell Crowe was in, as far as I know. That’s what I call “Gladiator.” He looked hot in that tunic, IMO.

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  1. Ken permalink
    04.27.2010 10:15 am

    Whilst partaking in your mixes and folding freshly laundered sheets. Sara and I were lamenting in our lack of Staci time and our need to remedy that sooner rather than later. So yeah. Let’s do that.

    • staci permalink*
      04.27.2010 11:45 pm

      Ok, I’m totally giggling because I read your comment and pictured you and Sara folding your sheets in a breezy meadow or beach, like in some crazy commercial for lady products. Seems blissful, so I hope it really happened that way. And yes, some Ken & Sara time would be good for me, so I concur. Let’s work that out.

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