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Darn good decor…


Guten tag! Just a quick note tonight and a little list. I switch up my desktop decor quite often — I guess I need a lot of visual stimulation or something. I don’t know. I get my wallpapers or pictures to use as wallpaper from many, many different sources, but a few sites consistently have good stuff. Here are my faves — maybe you can find something for yourself. 🙂

*pokedstudio created one of my favorite wallpapers and I use it again and again and again — “murdered fruit.” Their stuff is crazy and beautiful, all at the same time.

*I think I discovered VladStudio when I was trying to come up with a design for this blog. These images are just vibrant and imaginative. Peacock!

*There is a small debate about how I discovered Pixel Girl Presents. I say I found it randomly on the web, loved it and then showed it to my friend Trass, who also loved it. Trass says her ex-boyfriend showed it to her and then she introduced it to me. Either way, this site has great images and they are always adding new designs.

*I found Totally Severe through a design blog, but I read a lot of those and can’t remember which blog led me to TS. She designs fun desktop wallpapers, background patterns (great for Twitter), icons, fonts and iPhone wallpapers. Her images remind me of stuff you would see in a dream — they are wacky, gorgeous and super cool.

*Smashing Magazine is always the first place I go whenever I want a new pretty for my computer. They post 80 images every month, and most of them come with and without that month’s calendar. They also have links to a ton of other great wallpaper sources. They are a great resource for all things design, but I’m not a designer and know pretty much nothing about all those programs and codes and stuff, so I just stick to the pretty pictures.

I also like making my own backgrounds, but I don’t have a lot of time for that. If I find some time, I’ll post my creations here. Remind me if I forget. 🙂

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