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Wants: Not exactly material.


*Someone to come over and show me how to do some cool techie things I want to do to my blog. I know these things can be done, I just don’t understand how to do them.

*A mani/pedi, for Fancy and myself. This is luxurious relaxation for me, torture to Fancy, so I’ll probably be going first.

*The dry spot on my inner, lower left eyelid to go away. It’s not comfy.

*Knowledge on how to organize my apartment for better airflow. Without this knowledge, it’s gonna be a hot summer.

*More Robin Hood. I know the Ridley Scott movie didn’t get super reviews, but I really liked it. I love historical fiction and I hope they make another in the series. I might even go see it again. It was good stuff, in my opinion. (not an especially important opinion to the world at large, but still…)

*A sequel to The Craft. How did one of those never get made? Come on Hollywood, get with it.

*A day of swimming. Is the lake warm enough yet? Probably not, and probably not too clean, either. Might have to check out the local park pool. I do love to swim!

*Some Mexican Salad — yummmm. It’s my mom’s recipe and not the same as taco salad. Luckily for me, I know how to make it and it’s super easy! And healthy! Need to get working on that right now.

*You to have a happy day. 🙂

Top print by luciajohnson and bottom print by barnowlprimatives.

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