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List of Stuff I Missed…


It seems the world has been discussing the end of “Lost” for forever, but I’ve done my best to tune it out. I watched Lost’s second-ever episode, and then never watched again. It’s not that I didn’t like it – I did, but I am horrible at keeping up with shows, and after half of the first season was over, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to catch up. I meant to get the DVDs from Netflix and watch it that way, but other DVDs seemed to always take priority. I’m sure I’ll get to it someday, but probably long after anyone cares. That seems to be the way I do things when it comes to TV shows I miss when they’re originally airing (eg: my interest in The Wire and Twin Peaks).

Being in the dark about Lost made me start thinking about other pop culture items that I missed — things that were “huge” at the time and nearly everyone else saw/knew about, but I let the hysteria pass right by me. Here is a list of just a few:

–Gilligan’s Island – I have a vague idea of the characters on that show, but I never watched one episode. Reruns have aired throughout my entire life, but I never tuned in.

–The Brady Bunch – I saw one episode – the one where they talk about “pork chops and applesauce.” I watched this one with my brother when he was about 6 (so I was about 13), and it became his favorite phrase. But I never watched another episode after that.

–Slumdog Millionaire – When I tell people I haven’t seen this, they always say, “Why?! OMG – you will love it!” I’m sure I will, I just had no desire to see it when it came out and during the Oscar madness. I don’t know why, I just felt enh. Recently I decided I should see it, so it’s high on my Netflix queue, but I have no idea when I will actually put it at the top.

–Memento — I know, it’s the most amazing movie ever. I want to see it, but I want to see other stuff more. I will get to it someday, I promise.

–The Saw movies — No desire.

–Dancing With the Stars and American Idol — No interest. (although it’s really weird, because it seems as if these shows SHOULD interest me. (I love fancy costumes and singing!!) I admit — I think it’s partially my inner snob not wanting to like something loved by the masses. Stupid. My loss, I’m sure.)

–MASH (the TV show) — I love the movie a ton, but I’ve never seen any of the TV episodes. Again, silly. I’m sure I’d like it.

**Mini List** Stuff I Caught But Kinda Wish I Missed:

–Laguna Beach

–The Hills (not recently, however)

–A couple of the early seasons of the Real World/Road Rules Challenges. Ugh. Bad.

In looking over these lists, I see some trends. Regarding the shows that were super popular before I was born, but continued to air for many, many years: When I was a child, my parents didn’t allow us to watch much TV. We had a certain amount of TV time each day, and we had to be careful about how we spent that time. (We actually had bingo tokens — each one represented 30 minutes. We’d hand them in when we wanted to watch something, and then got new tokens the next day. Carrying tokens over was not allowed.) PBS was unlimited, but reruns of sitcoms were really discouraged because (per my mom) they had little to no educational value. However, regarding the MTV crap that I allowed into my life: it helps that those shows always have “marathons.” It’s easy to catch up if I miss a few weeks.

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