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Mini List: Good Morning edition


–This morning I woke up on time without the need of my alarm clock, which is my favorite. (alarm clocks are the devil)

–Upon waking, I quickly remembered the dream I was having, and it was awesome because it featured a few of my fave fantasy boyfriends and a super cool beach house. (it was not an x-rated dream, fyi…)

–I also immediately realized I had one of my favorite songs in my head, which is never a problem and always lovely.

–Soon after I woke, Fancy started her “I want breakfast” chatter, and upon realizing I was on my way to get her breakfast, she ran at least 10 laps in her cage. This means she is healthy and feeling good, which is more fantastic than I can explain.

–This is a great start to a gorgeous day and a much-needed looooong weekend. 🙂

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