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Current Loves: June 2010 edition


Right now, I’m loving:

*Speaking French to Fancy. Yes, it’s correct French. My knowledge of that language is extremely limited, but I’m trying. When I speak French, Fancy dances, which is the coolest of the cool. I heart my dancing pig.

*Lily Cole. It was “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” that did it. She is gorgeous and amazing. Have you seen that movie? You should. I may actually purchase the dvd to own. I don’t do that often, but wow, that movie was so cool and beautiful.

*Cheesy pasta. It’s my own recipe and, no, it’s nothing like mac & cheese. It’s a delicious mix of whole wheat spaghetti, tomatoes, garlic and barely melted cheese. I like it with a ton of garlicy zucchini on the side. And maybe some onions thrown in with the zucchini if I’m feeling sassy.

* I’m actually back in love with that site after being away for a couple years. This is super crazy time at work right now, and a friend and I decided we needed to inject some levity. We realized Fafarazzi would allow us to play without taking us away from our work too often. Our league can handle a couple more teams if you want to play, too! (The draft is 6/7)

*Chocolate Milk. This article made me realize I needed much more chocolate milk in my life. Yummers.

*Cardboard Love in a Digital World. *swoon* Cardboard has never been so romantic.

*Car Talk. Who knew this would be my favorite NPR show? I have never even owned a car and I rarely get to drive! But it has a place of importance on my Saturday mornings. It’s awesome.

*Colin Farrell. It feels a little odd and boring to have two celebs on a list that is not focused on celebs (especially when both were stars of TIODP), but I’m lovin’ Colin right now, so he is listed. This started a few months ago when I didn’t have cable. I was watching a lot of DVDs, and one day I got tired of every movie I owned and ventured out to get something new. Actually, I was venturing out for a different reason, but my travels brought me near a Best Buy, so I decided to go in and get myself a new DVD. Ummmm…I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this enough for you to realize how true it is, but I am an annoying shopper. I annoy others and myself with my shopping habits. If I have an idea of what I want, I shop and shop and shop until I find exactly what is in my mind’s eye. If I have no idea what I want, I just wonder around like an idiot, knowing that I want to acquire SOMETHING, but unsure what that something should be. On this particular day, it was cold and rainy, and my cold and wet self was shuffling through BB’s movie section, unsure of what to get. I had a few ideas, but wasn’t too jazzed by any of them. And then I saw cute Colin in the corner of my eye, and when I turned my attention his way, I realized he was on the cover of “In Bruges.” Have you seen that movie? If not, get on that NOW. I got it from Netflix awhile ago and liked it very much. I purchased the dvd, went home and pretty much had it on a loop for days and days. So good. Well, if you combine my love of In Bruges with my recent viewings of The New World and TIODP, you get my love of Colin Farrell. See, everything happens for a reason, including my (unimportant to the world at large) love of random celebrities.

*Popsicle-brand Spongebob Squarepants Lemonade-Strawberry and Lemonade-Orange Pop Ups. These are, by far, the tastiest warm-weather treats I’ve had thus far in 2010. The lemonade part is in the shape of a star in the middle of the pop, which makes me feel a little like I’m eating Patrick. He’s delicious.

Top and bottom pics both from Jezebel.

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