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I Want: Summertime Fun Stuff


*I don’t have a backyard, but I think I could find someplace where I could set up the “Backyard Tipi.” Fancy would like this. You could hang out with us if you brought along one of the items on this list, some timothy hay and/or some strawberries. (Fancy is very particular about the gifts she receives.)

*You have no idea how much I want an Endless Pool. Like, really badly. I’ve asked a few people to open their green space to me for the placement of an EP, but they always just laugh. Hey peeps, I’m not joking. My brother claims his boss/landlord won’t allow an EP at my brother’s house. I think he will, and I will be talking to him about it soon. Bonus: an Endless Pool is endless amounts of fun throughout the year, not just the summer.

*Rope bracelets = traditional summertime style. Rhinestones = traditional Staci style. A combo of the two = extremely necessary. **

*I just really love a nice dry Champagne (and/or sparkling wine, prosecco, or something similar), and I wouldn’t mind having an extra-large glass from which to drink one of these delicious beverages.

*My new apartment doesn’t really have a deck, porch, terrace or balcony, but it does have a little nook where I could put a chair or some kind of comfy seat. I want the Urban Balance Cove Outdoor Hanging Chair With Five Pillows. I would sit in it, Fancy would sit in my lap, and we’d both be super comfy.

*It’s not fun to wear a ton of makeup during the summer because it’s usually so warm that sweat will cause makeup to run off your face. But you can’t stop searching for the perfect red lipstick for a few months out of the year because of high temps. DuWop’s Private Red says it is everyone’s perfect red. If true, we can all stop searching and focus on how I can get an Endless Pool into my life. **

*Who doesn’t want a miniature menagerie in their home? Steve Tomashek’s is pretty cool. I especially want the “Airstream” one because it features a buffalo and an Airstream, both of which I love, even more than Endless Pools.

**I acquired both of these while making this list. I assume you are having the Endless Pool shipped to my home.

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