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Sparkling Good Holiday!


This weekend I:

*Saw some fireworks and heard many more.

*Ate some grilled, encased meats. By the way, have you seen this? I was a TA for this class and it was the best!

*Enjoyed a summertime afternoon nap, which is among the best kind of naps to have.

*Ran out of maraschino cherries, which is a sad, sad, sad event in my house.

*Transformed a frozen lemonade popsicle into a crazy delicious beverage (sans maraschino cherries, however).

*Watched part of “Hot Dog Paradise” on the Travel Channel and wondered: Is that a series of shows about outstanding hot dog purveyors across the country, or is it one show that they play repeatedly? My sister claims I watch it every time I’m at my mom’s house, but I don’t remember doing this. I concede I have seen it more than once, but I feel like I see a new place featured every time. I could be wrong. Regardless, I get hungry every time I see even part of that show.

*Got super sweaty. It was hot and steamy this weekend, which wasn’t horrible, but not super comfy for my little pig. I helped her by running up my electric bill (regardless if I was home) and giving her lots of fresh water and veggies. Sidenote: Fancy has become quite demanding, which is kinda cute (or annoying…). So, it wasn’t like I was able to NOT give her fresh veggies, because she wouldn’t let me forget or sit down without delivering on her commands. Fun!

*Felt kinda happy my life is 95% less dramatic than my younger sister’s. More boring, too, but that’s ok.

*Wished I lived in a region of the country where lobster rolls were as ubiquitous as hot dogs. I love the hot dog — I don’t even like meat all that much, but I find many encased meats (especially when Vienna Beef makes them) very tasty — but sometimes I wish I lived in Maine. Can you get Vienna Beef out there, too? Yes, because they ship all over the country.

*Didn’t get much time with sparklers, which I love, but I will resolve that soon.

top pic by AnniePod, bottom pic by Sckraps.

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