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Love list: shopping edition


Do you know that I love to shop? I don’t think that’s a secret, but I do, I do, I do love love love shopping. It’s not even that I love to purchase a ton of stuff anymore — I’m really trying to take the “reduce” in ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ seriously. Even so, I still very much love to look.

In terms of physical shopping, right now I love to go to thrift and vintage stores — especially the ones that have more furniture and home decor items than clothing — where I can get a ton of ideas for my own home, and go back and make purchases later if I really can’t live without something. Most of the time, however, just shopping is good enough.

Because of my nutty schedule, however, I do most of my shopping online. It’s not as easy to keep myself from buying stuff online, but I try. These are my favorite haunts:

* — I subscribe to Emusic and have for years, and get most of my music from this site. I find it endlessly entertaining to research music on this site, listen to a ton of clips, and download to my heart’s content (as much as my monthly subscription allows — I don’t allow myself to go over my allotment and buy booster packs).

*PaperBackSwap — Yeah, I consider this shopping. I read about books all the time, and this is the first place I turn to when I read about something I have to read for myself. This site is the reason why I haven’t read most of the books on my bookshelf. I read something and then almost immediately swap it for something new. I love getting hand-wrapped books in the mail, and mailing my own books out to others. Almost better than a pen pal!

*Etsy — If I need a treat for myself or a unique gift, this is where I go. As you know, this is also my favorite place to shop for decor for this blog. (Regretsy is entertaining, but I don’t really use that site to shop…)

* — Endless fun. Whenever someone tells me I have “the cutest stuff,” the object they are talking about was most likely procured from Fred Flare.

*Shana Logic — Yeah, I pretty much always want everything on this site.

*GirlPROPS — Oh yes, really. I heart it, for reals.

*KIOSK — Because I like having stuff no one else does. Admittedly, I often also have stuff no one else wants. But everyone wants stuff from Kiosk when they know about it.

*The others — I shop at Amazon and Ebay and Target and CVS more than I care to admit. Most of the time it’s stuff I actually need, but I can justify needing almost anything.

Top image from MelissaBaileyBoo and bottom image by LinoCutBoy.

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