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Things I Learned Last Weekend

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Are you able to not learn anything when spending time with family? I don’t think so. If anything, you definitely should learn a sense of wonder and amazement that these strange creatures are the same people you slept under a shared roof with for years and years and years, even though they are absolutely nothing like you at times and very often quite insane. It’s a marvel that we often trust these weirdos with our lives. Freaks.

Last weekend (over Halloween) I spent time with my family. This is what I learned:

*My brother believes the “sign of peace” part of mass is the perfect time to get gangsta.

*My mom is obsessed with Rocky Horror Picture Show.

*My dad has become an amateur chef, and people pay him to cook for them. (Growing up, the only thing I remember him cooking was fried potatoes and popcorn, but he does much more than that now.)

*Jumada knows to humor my ridiculous ideas and opinions, because I’m often right.

*Baby sister doesn’t like to be told how to hand out candy. Baby sister also doesn’t share my love of being festive on holidays. Baby sister doesn’t find me near as funny as I find myself.

*Listening to Basil Rathbone read two Edgar Allen Poe stories is enough to make myself nice and scared.

*My brother will act (convincingly) completely uninterested in something, and then suddenly bust out with a Busby Berkeley style dance move to show his approval.

*”Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?” can be high comedy if compared to your own family’s interactions with each other.

Top image from RetroDivas, middle from Snarky Cards and bottom from RazberriesDesigns.

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  1. Erica permalink
    11.06.2010 9:42 am

    That’s why we move away. We need some perspective AND family gatherings are way more fun when you don’t see these creatures on the daily. Great post. 🙂

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