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The Fanciest girl in the world.


(that’s Fancy, as a baby, on the left with her two sisters)

As I think you know, Fancy is my sweet little guinea pig. She’s kinda old for a guinea pig (6 and a 1/2!), but other than sporting the occasional gray hair (she has many fewer than I do), she doesn’t look or act old. Today, in fact, she was incredibly playful and I took full advantage of that. We played with her toys, she followed me around our apartment as I cleaned and she took a nap in my bed while I watched a movie. For a girl who prefers to stay in her cage and play in that space on most days, this was a lot of activity.

During the day, I realized that I really call her by many different names. Obviously, I call her Fancy most often (because that IS her name), but I have many nicknames for her, too. I know this isn’t incredibly exciting, but I decided to list all of her nicknames (as many as I can think of at least) just for posterity reasons.

Baby Fancy

Fancy Baby

Fancy Girl

Crazy Girl

Silly Girl

Nutty Girl

Miss Nutters

Crazy Fancy

Pretty Lady

Sweet Lady




Sweetie Butt

Sugar Butt

Cuddle Butt


Miss Gorgeous

Miss Kissy

Miss Bossy

The Hay Monster

Cucumber Monster

Crazy Carrot Lady

The Tomato Terror

Sassy Pants

Tiny Dancer

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  1. 02.06.2011 12:35 pm

    LOVE this. Love nicknames. Love Fancy “Crazy Carrot Lady” Davidson.

    • staci permalink*
      02.06.2011 11:04 pm

      I always think of Fancy as a one-word name kinda lady (similar to Cher and Madonna), but I do love when someone refers to her as Fancy Davidson.

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