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February brings flowers! (I wish)

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I’m not sure what that little groundhog declared earlier this month because on his celebratory day, my town of Chicago got 20 inches of snow. Then we got some crazy cold weather, but now it warmed up a little and everything is gray and slushy. Lovely! I need some color and flowers (like now) and I’m confident these sources can deliver.

*Draw! Pilgrim — I discovered this site today via How About Orange (another great source for color!) and I fell in love. My blog’s tagline is “pretty pretty and fun fun” and Draw! Pilgrim delivers on that and how. This is photo from a recent post on her blog, and be sure to check out her Etsy site — it’s full of gorgeous goods.


*This awesome flickr set of Robert McGinnis’ illustrations (found via Draw! Pilgrim). I love this one of Barefoot in the Park because I love love love that movie, but all of his Bond illustrations are super cool, too.


*Last but not least, regardless of the temp outside or color of the landscape, nothing brings the cheer like dancing. I am super in love with the movie Pirate Radio because the music is great and it’s totally funny (it’s also filled with cute boys). There are so many awesome scenes in this movie, but one of my favorites is actually a deleted scene on the dvd. It has some of the greatest dancing ever, and it’s just perfect.

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