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Not a fan.


I love love love many things, and I have a lot of love to give. But that doesn’t mean I love everything, so I thought I’d post a little list of stuff I really don’t like. At all. Not to say these things are bad (you are free to love them all you want), but they’re not my cuppa tea.

*Ribs and chicken wings/legs (as food you consume) — The idea of eating meat off the bone grosses me out. More than you can understand. And I prefer not to watch anyone else eat them.

*Bathrooms decorated in blue and water/ocean themes — This is the WORST feng shui, just sayin’.

*Tosh.O — I just don’t.

*Brown — Totally fine in nature, but I don’t like it in clothing or decor. Same goes for beige.


*When people I don’t like actually like things that I love — No. You are not allowed to like that. I want to not like you completely, so let’s not have anything in common.


Top image by CnoFaux and bottom by Bad Ass Glass.

sidenote: this post took me FOREVER to write! I much prefer posting about things I love, so please don’t expect many more of these hater posts. Exhausting.

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