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Forget me not.




So, long time no blog post, eh? I’m going to try to explain why (kind of) while maintaining a sense of vagueness for which this blog is known (not widely known AT ALL, I’m very aware). After this, I’m really going to try to post more often.

So, April 2011, my sweet Fancy died. That wasn’t really why I stopped posting, but every time I went to the blog to post something new, I saw all the pictures I posted of Fancy, and it made me sad, so I lost the desire to blog.

Then, mid July 2011, the company I worked for shut down. It reopened anew two weeks later, but there was no office, so I worked at home for about two months. And by “at home,” I mean I went to my mom’s house in Indiana. It was great – I saved a ton of money and got to spend time with my huge family and relaxed a lot.

(I went to the movies all the time because it was SO CHEAP and every Monday went to this teeny tiny bar where I ate the VERY BEST tacos for 25 cents each. They grew all of the veggies for the taco toppings in a garden behind the bar. It was awesome. I tipped the servers soooo well because I couldn’t believe how cheap everything was. I also discovered that my top-two favorite pizzas are in Indiana. You can take the girl out of Indiana, but…)

Anyway, by Sept 2011, we were all (well, not all, but everyone who worked at the new company) back at the office and things were fine. I was happy to be employed, and the two months in Indiana made me look at my job differently, which was a good thing.

Then in February 2012, I did something kinda major, at least for me. I’m not going to talk about it on this blog or on social media really, but it’s a big deal and I love it and I’m now busier than I ever have been before, but it’s awesome. I don’t get to sleep or watch TV or spend much time in my home at all, but it’s all very very good.

I honestly just haven’t been able to tell as many people as I’d like, and it’s something that I don’t want to talk about on the internet for a few reasons, but no worries – it’s great, and I’m doing well and I’m very excited about all that’s happening. Plus, even with my crazy schedule, I still have time to tutor my buddy Max, and that is still one of the best parts of every week.

One other item – the start of this kinda-big “thing” inadvertently lead to the break up of a long-term relationship that I was a part of. It’s a great story, but again, one I’m unwilling to disclose online. I’ll just say that it’s totally over, it was pretty much mutual and it was an exciting (to say the least) ending to a relationship that didn’t have a ton of exciting moments.

So, yeah, I know I’m being annoying and vague, and I’m sorry. But if I’ve told you about what’s happening, you should know that I want to see you. Call or email and come visit!

(ps — totally unrelated to the new venture in my life, I started a new SECRET blog. It’s silly, but I’m getting a lot of good feedback. If you want to see it, message me somehow (don’t ask in the comments of this blog, I won’t post the address there) and I’ll send you the link.)

Credit for the image goes to DreamlikePhotography.

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  1. studdedinsuburbia permalink
    09.22.2012 2:46 pm


    Glad to hear everything’s vaguely exciting!


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