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My Love/Don’t-Love-So-Much List for 2012



I was thinking about 2012 the other day, and overall, it’s been pretty great for me and I hope you can say the same for yourself. A few things stuck out as being extra-super, while others were not-so. Perfect for list time.

-The wonderfully garlic-y Pad See Eiw from Tac Quick Thai. I know they have an awesome secret menu and I usually deviate from the standards when I find a Thai place that I love, but this Pad See Eiw is perfection to my palate.

-Taking chances. I would probably describe my personality as risk-averse, fully admitting that the safe bet was always more attractive to me in the past. And it’s not like I’m going crazy – playing it safe is still my MO most of the time. But I’ve taken a few chances this year (kinda big for me) that have paid off pretty well, which is encouraging me to be a little more daring going forward.

-An outpost of Margie’s Candies in my very own neighborhood. I knew I lived in the proximity of one of these wonderful establishments before 2012, but this was the first year I took advantage. Once a week during the summer, I allowed myself to take a little walk to get an ice cream cone. And oh, what amazing ice cream they have. What a gem.

-The no-frills nail salon two-ish blocks from my apartment. There are posher nail establishments in my neighborhood, but this place always does a great job, has friendly employees and a fantastic color selection. Plus, it’s super affordable and they always seem to be showing something from BET on their TVs. What’s not to love?

-My flat iron. My daily (or almost daily) in-home blowout looks good for about 5-10 minutes. If I want my hair to look good all (or at least most of the) day, I need that flat iron. And I think I’ve only burned myself once, so yay for that.

-GoodReads. I’m back to tracking what I read. It makes it easier to recommend books when people ask and I like to see what my friends are reading. We’re all so diverse in our bookish tastes, and it’s fantastic.

-On Demand/Netflix streaming. My schedule has been so crazy this year that I wouldn’t have been able to watch anything without these services. Not that I watched that much, but I did have my favorites that I was able to see what I wanted. Couch potato time is a good time.

-BA, TA, OC, MJ and Twisty – new friends I’ve made in 2012 that I hope stay around for the long-term because they are rock stars and I appreciate them more than they know.

Not Much Love
-Saggy pants. There is a lady in my office who sags her pants every day, and she doesn’t even wear attractive underwear. If I was to sag my pants, it would be to show off my cute undergarments. But I would rather not see anyone’s underwear at all, unless I asked to. I am sooo over this fashion style, I wish it would go away for good.

-Saying “a minute” when you mean a much longer period of time. Gah. This irks me like no other slang.

-Twitter on major news days. I don’t love getting news from Twitter, and I love even less when that news is immediately paired with the Twitterverse’s opinions. I get information/current event fatigue before the event is even a few hours old.

-Celebrities who use Twitter to promote their favorite cause. I appreciate that the support of a celebrity can probably get more people to donate to any charity or organization that is doing important work in the world. I follow the celebrities I do primarily because I either think they are funny or they are in a band that I want updates about. In the case of the Dalai Lama or Richard Simmons, I just always like their messages. But I registered to vote on my very own without a reminder from someone from Hollywood, thank you, I have my own favorite charities that I like to support and I am very capable of finding new organizations on my own to provide with my money or time. Celebrities, quit being so bossy.

-Natural disasters. Mother Nature, really, it’s time to take a break from your diva antics. My wish is that 2013 is crazy boring and normal – no temperature records are set, storms are minor and tornadoes stay away from civilization. That’s all possible, right?


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