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Freedom! (a little)



Happy New Year! Isn’t 2013 great already? I’m back at work this week, but my evenings are somewhat free for the next few days. This is rare for me, and my mind is racing with ideas of what I should do with all of this free time. I’d like to:

*Crazy clean my apartment

*Visit all the friends I never get to see

*Redecorate my apartment

*Play my new Wii dance games and host dance parties galore

*Cook actual meals (something more involved than heating a can of soup or pouring a bowl of cereal)

*Take long walks (I don’t care that it’s cold out)

*Veg out on the couch and make my way through my ever-growing Netflix queue

*Shop, mainly for shoes and groceries and maybe clothes

*Transition my Christmas tree into its new purpose as a Valentine’s tree

*Go through my home and work music libraries, integrate a lot of new stuff and file some of the items that were on permanent rotation in 2012

*Finish the book I’m reading and start a new one

*Go to the movies and see Django, Zero Dark Thirty and Les Mis (again), as well as Lincoln, Silver Linings Playbook, Argo, Life of Pi and Anna Karenina

What will I actually do? Well, I have plans to see one friend who I never see and I have one dance party scheduled. I’ll also make time to clean my apartment a bit, transition my tree, veg out a little and maybe see one movie in a theater. And that will probably be about all I have time for. At least this blog will have this list of things I want to do, if I ever come across any free time again. 

I hope your new year is going fabulously!


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