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Le sigh.



Brain dump time! Here goes:

*I’ve had a fairly quiet 2014 so far, and besides the crazy unceasing winter, this year has been pretty lovely. But things are about to change, and I am hoping I handle things well. 

*2013 was great because I finished my massage therapy program, got licensed and instead of being dumped out into the world, my MT school hired me as a tutor/TA, which has been pretty awesome/fun. 

*But now I’ve been asked to teach two classes — just me, leading a class, teaching. I am on the verge of being insanely nervous about this. 

*I’m teaching Professionalism & Ethics and Business. I took these classes when I was in school and I have a general idea of what’s involved, but I have a ton of prepping/planning to do. 

*What kind of teacher am I going to be? What am I going to wear? Do I have time to get my hair cut/colored before my classes start? How are my students going to be? How am I going to talk for FOUR hours two evenings a week? I have to be on my game and set a really good example!

*The above are just random thoughts floating in my head — I have two lists of questions written down in my planner. One for the education director about various admin things and one for myself about things I have to figure out before I start teaching. But one question on the figure-it-out list is “What music will I play when students are working?” And that means I have some mix-making to do, which makes me happy and calms me down somewhat. 

*So, that’s that. I mainly wanted to blog-vent before I start this evening’s round of planning. And I wanted to find some pictures that would pep me up. Top — narwhals make me happy, and swimming with them would be crazy fun. Bottom — maybe that will be my little mantra when I start feeling nervous. Bad vibes be gone! I can do this! (I hope)


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