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In list form, cuz that’s how I roll.

*Teaching is going well. I still get a little nervous about it now and then, but I really like it overall. My mom has been saying I should be a teacher for years. I responded to that usually with a “uh..ok..” or “mmhmm…whatever.” 

*I’ve now completed four weeks of classes, and I’m still getting organized and acclimated to everything that has to be done. I’m trying to make a lot of notes in case I teach these classes again. 

*Lesson plans come already made for us, so it’s been a little difficult to integrate my own ideas into classes. I’m sure that will become easier with time. But tonight was the first time I introduced a class to the wacky stuff I pin to my “self care” pinterest board, and it went over ok. Basically, I led my students through about 45 minutes of yoga poses for relaxation, and maybe about half of them liked it. Yeah, yoga isn’t for everyone. I went into the class with a plan to do yoga and a dance party, but by the time we got to that part of the class, I was really too tired for a dance party, and didn’t really have the guts or energy to dance in front of these students. 

*I am kinda beyond tired. So, I’m drinking more coffee, which is fine. But I much much much prefer sleep to caffeine. Someday. 

*I’ve been a little disappointed about the lack of AV capabilities in the classrooms in which I teach. Gaaahhhh. I can’t play my mixes or the super fun youtube playlist I created for my students. I’ve figured out another way to play music, but no go on showing the videos yet. Frustrating. 

*I’m not surprised by this, but I’m not yet a great lecturer. I much prefer to lead discussions, so that’s what I do. I’m getting better at talking more in front of a class, but that just means my throat is drier at the end of the night. I’m working on it. 

*I’m also getting better at letting the students know when I’m not happy about something. I realized I really don’t like when students ask me “what are we doing next?” or “can we do this now?” Especially when these questions are asked while we are in the middle of a lesson or doing something else. I know they aren’t trying to take advantage of my newness and maybe they think they are being helpful, but I get beyond annoyed by these two questions. 

*So. Much. Paper.

*Thing I kinda yelled in class tonight: “Really?! You think Jay Gatsby wasn’t depressed? Come on.” (Honestly, this convo did have a lot to do with massage)

*My schedule is really ridiculous. Not complaining, just stating. But it’s mostly fun so far, so yay?


Images via and via. I just need some pretty and sleep right now. 


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