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Loved and loving.



I used to have a blog called My Lovely Obsessions. I would post about the things I was really into at any given time. I loved that blog, and then stopped it. Don’t remember why now. I loved this blog and still do. I miss it because of the lack of time I have to post. But hopefully that will be changing very soon.

If I was posting on My Lovely Obsessions today, I would post about pineapple, podcasts and Better Call Saul. I’m not eating much pineapple right now — I’m a little allergic to it in its raw state — but I love the way it looks. I just bought shoes with a pineapple print on them, and I got excited this weekend with Chicago’s warmer temps, because it’s almost time to start wearing my summery pineapple print shirt again.

Regarding podcasts, I’ve been listening to some for years, but lately I’ve really ramped up the shows I listen to. I’m listening while commuting (instead of reading — too tired) and it’s great. I listen while I edit and it’s even better. Just a little fun during my crazy days.

My schedule is still nutso with work, and while I find to be social and a little time to sleep, I don’t have much time for TV. But I do make time for Better Call Saul, just not every week. Yes, I already had to have a mini marathon for a show that’s only a few weeks old. But I love it. Another groundbreaking revelation from the Bright Green Eyeliner blog. It’s a good show and I’m not the first to think so. Woo.

Anyway, the only reason I’m posting at all today is that it’s been a good weekend, spent with a lot of people I love, and communicating with other people I love, and yeah, just feeling the love right now. Hearts and all that stuff.

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