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ICYMI: The Chicago Blackhawks Championship Parade from Clark & Monroe


Working in Chicago’s Loop is what you would expect of a major business district. Lots of people during the day, smoke breaks, bluetooth headsets, suits and ties, sneakers, fast walkers. Today, Chicago’s downtown is disrupted a tad because the Blackhawks won the NHL championship and the city is having a parade to celebrate. This is my view of the parade from an office building at Clark & Monroe. The red in the picture is the parade crowd (obvi).


Yes, there is a cardboard paper towel tube in a vase on my office window sill. That tube was given to me by a coworker. It’s to hit him with when he annoys me. He wrote “Staci’s Stick” on it. I decorated it with stickers. I used it once.

9:51 – the crowd is cheering for the Streets & San crew that is on a truck driving thru the parade route.

9:53 – Somehow there are a ton of people with vuvuzelas (sp?). Where do they come from, as in, where do people get those? They are loud. 

9:56 – Fire truck on the parade route! No fires, it’s just driving. People are screaming for it. 

9:58 – The Firecakes donut food truck is parked just south of the parade route on Clark Street. I would totes eat a donut right now. 

9:59 – It sounds like there are constant car horns. It’s those vuvuzelas. Loud.

10:02 – Some people are cheering “Let’s Go Hawks” and some are cheering “USA.” 

10:04 – It is really loud right now, and nothing is really happening. Just so many people. 

10:05 – People are waving and cheering at something that is just east of what I can see. I think they are just cheering for anyone who is in the parade route at this point. 

10:07 – Something’s coming. Really loud cheers

10:08 – Nothing is coming yet. People are cheering for the people in the high-rise office tower (across Clark St. from my building) who found a way to stand on the maintenance deck. The people in the office tower are waving flags and getting the crowd pumped.

10:10 – Our building sent out a memo to us yesterday – we aren’t allowed to hang out of our windows to see better and we can’t stand on the fire escape to get a good look. Safety or something. 

10:11 – Another Streets & San truck!

10:12 – Oh. All the rest of my coworkers (at least the ones on this floor) are all working. Actually doing stuff. Hmm.

10:15 – All these people for the parade, and not one person is in line at the donut truck. 

10:16 – I’m waving at workers in the building across the street who are also looking out their windows. One waved back. Woo!

10:18 – Red isn’t really my color. I wore this shirt today. 

10:21 – A Blackhawks fan just bought a donut!

10:24 – The Let’s Go Hawks chant has drowned out the USA chant. 

10:30 – A group of people on Divvy bikes just rode up Clark St., trying to get closer to the parade action. Hmm. 

10:32 – Someone is walking through the crowd with a homemade Stanley Cup. People are going crazy over it. 

10:38 – I stopped blogging for a bit to do some work. I didn’t miss any of the parade action, so don’t worry. 

10:43 – The parade is close. I can tell by the change in cheers. People are pumped. 

10:45 – Looks like all the unmarked police cars get to head up the parade.

10:46 – People are really getting into the police cars driving by. 


10:50 – Ok, it seems as if there are regular red tour buses for staff and associates, and the big double deckers are for the players and coaches. Looks like 5-6 players per bus. The players are in the way back. I can’t see who is who, but whenever someone in a jersey in the back of a double decker waves or pumps his fist, the crowd goes crazy.

10:52 – From the 10th floor up, “Coach Q!” sounds a lot like “boo.”


10:56 – I mean, people got LOUD for the players and Coach Q, but they went full blown nuts for the Cup. 

10:57 – More police cars. People are leaving. Probably heading to the rally area. 

10:58 – A few fans are lined up at the donut truck. Cheering makes you hungry, I’d imagine.

10:59 – Goodbye hordes! Farewell morning entertainment! Back to regularly scheduled magazine publishing. 


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