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Current Obsession: Blood Oranges



I used to have a blog where I documented my “obsessions,” or things that I was really into at the time. I no longer update that blog but I still get little obsessions here and there, so I thought I’d just update this now-no-longer-dormant blog. My current obsession is blood oranges. Yummmm.

It’s still quite chilly out, so I like to come home, cook and do whatever, and then before bed, curl up on the couch in a blanket, eat a blood orange and watch something – right now it’s most likely X Files, Those Who Can’t or Burning Love.

Blood oranges are a semi-pricey snack as far as produce goes, but I’m justifying the cost knowing they won’t be in the store for much longer and they give me the sweet/tart taste I love, without being too sweet or too tart. Plus, they’re so pretty!

I have yet to try cooking with blood oranges, but here are two recipes I might try if/when I get the inclination: Upside-Down Blood Orange Cake and Blood Orange Gin Sparkler.

Fruity snacks are my fave. ❤

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