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Current Obsession: Blood Oranges



I used to have a blog where I documented my “obsessions,” or things that I was really into at the time. I no longer update that blog but I still get little obsessions here and there, so I thought I’d just update this now-no-longer-dormant blog. My current obsession is blood oranges. Yummmm.

It’s still quite chilly out, so I like to come home, cook and do whatever, and then before bed, curl up on the couch in a blanket, eat a blood orange and watch something – right now it’s most likely X Files, Those Who Can’t or Burning Love.

Blood oranges are a semi-pricey snack as far as produce goes, but I’m justifying the cost knowing they won’t be in the store for much longer and they give me the sweet/tart taste I love, without being too sweet or too tart. Plus, they’re so pretty!

I have yet to try cooking with blood oranges, but here are two recipes I might try if/when I get the inclination: Upside-Down Blood Orange Cake and Blood Orange Gin Sparkler.

Fruity snacks are my fave. ❤


Still here.



Hi! OMG, it’s been so long. I’m still around, just busy, busy, busy. Always focusing on improving my classes for my students and keeping my head above water as I manage working so much. I got a little whiny the other day about how much I work, and my mom gently reminded me that the more I work now, the less I can work later. So, there are some developments in my work life, but I don’t really want to get into that now.

With all the work I do, what do I do for fun?

*Dance – Dance, dance, dance. I recently had a long night of dancing for my birthday and it was so fun. But I don’t need special nights for that, I dance most every day. No, still not that great at it, but I don’t care. Still love it!

*Books – Well, kind of. I’m trying to read more. I have not read most of the books on my shelves, so I need to fix that. I’m usually too tired to read, but I’m trying. I’m jealous of readers and I don’t like feeling jealous, so I am trying to be a reader, too.

*Cooking – I’m getting kind of good at it! At last! It’s delicious and healthy and amazing. And mostly tacos, because of course. Tacos forever.

*Planning – I’m planning beach trips (to the beach 1/2 block from my apartment – yay!) and vacations. Even if I’m not leaving right away, it’s still fun knowing the good times are on their way.

And seeing friends/family where and when I can. It’s tricky and I don’t like not being able to see people very much, but I can’t imagine my schedule will be like this for much longer.

Hope to see you soon! Image via.

Today’s Mood



I told someone about this blog today, and after doing that, I realized I hadn’t posted in a long while. No time to say much right now, but I wanted to post something. This is a pic of my favorite threadless tshirt that I never had a chance to buy because it sold out before I could. It’s a phrase I think and say out loud all the time. It’s always a good time for fun stuff, right?

ICYMI: The Chicago Blackhawks Championship Parade from Clark & Monroe


Working in Chicago’s Loop is what you would expect of a major business district. Lots of people during the day, smoke breaks, bluetooth headsets, suits and ties, sneakers, fast walkers. Today, Chicago’s downtown is disrupted a tad because the Blackhawks won the NHL championship and the city is having a parade to celebrate. This is my view of the parade from an office building at Clark & Monroe. The red in the picture is the parade crowd (obvi).


Yes, there is a cardboard paper towel tube in a vase on my office window sill. That tube was given to me by a coworker. It’s to hit him with when he annoys me. He wrote “Staci’s Stick” on it. I decorated it with stickers. I used it once.

9:51 – the crowd is cheering for the Streets & San crew that is on a truck driving thru the parade route.

9:53 – Somehow there are a ton of people with vuvuzelas (sp?). Where do they come from, as in, where do people get those? They are loud. 

9:56 – Fire truck on the parade route! No fires, it’s just driving. People are screaming for it. 

9:58 – The Firecakes donut food truck is parked just south of the parade route on Clark Street. I would totes eat a donut right now. 

9:59 – It sounds like there are constant car horns. It’s those vuvuzelas. Loud.

10:02 – Some people are cheering “Let’s Go Hawks” and some are cheering “USA.” 

10:04 – It is really loud right now, and nothing is really happening. Just so many people. 

10:05 – People are waving and cheering at something that is just east of what I can see. I think they are just cheering for anyone who is in the parade route at this point. 

10:07 – Something’s coming. Really loud cheers

10:08 – Nothing is coming yet. People are cheering for the people in the high-rise office tower (across Clark St. from my building) who found a way to stand on the maintenance deck. The people in the office tower are waving flags and getting the crowd pumped.

10:10 – Our building sent out a memo to us yesterday – we aren’t allowed to hang out of our windows to see better and we can’t stand on the fire escape to get a good look. Safety or something. 

10:11 – Another Streets & San truck!

10:12 – Oh. All the rest of my coworkers (at least the ones on this floor) are all working. Actually doing stuff. Hmm.

10:15 – All these people for the parade, and not one person is in line at the donut truck. 

10:16 – I’m waving at workers in the building across the street who are also looking out their windows. One waved back. Woo!

10:18 – Red isn’t really my color. I wore this shirt today. 

10:21 – A Blackhawks fan just bought a donut!

10:24 – The Let’s Go Hawks chant has drowned out the USA chant. 

10:30 – A group of people on Divvy bikes just rode up Clark St., trying to get closer to the parade action. Hmm. 

10:32 – Someone is walking through the crowd with a homemade Stanley Cup. People are going crazy over it. 

10:38 – I stopped blogging for a bit to do some work. I didn’t miss any of the parade action, so don’t worry. 

10:43 – The parade is close. I can tell by the change in cheers. People are pumped. 

10:45 – Looks like all the unmarked police cars get to head up the parade.

10:46 – People are really getting into the police cars driving by. 


10:50 – Ok, it seems as if there are regular red tour buses for staff and associates, and the big double deckers are for the players and coaches. Looks like 5-6 players per bus. The players are in the way back. I can’t see who is who, but whenever someone in a jersey in the back of a double decker waves or pumps his fist, the crowd goes crazy.

10:52 – From the 10th floor up, “Coach Q!” sounds a lot like “boo.”


10:56 – I mean, people got LOUD for the players and Coach Q, but they went full blown nuts for the Cup. 

10:57 – More police cars. People are leaving. Probably heading to the rally area. 

10:58 – A few fans are lined up at the donut truck. Cheering makes you hungry, I’d imagine.

10:59 – Goodbye hordes! Farewell morning entertainment! Back to regularly scheduled magazine publishing. 


Loved and loving.



I used to have a blog called My Lovely Obsessions. I would post about the things I was really into at any given time. I loved that blog, and then stopped it. Don’t remember why now. I loved this blog and still do. I miss it because of the lack of time I have to post. But hopefully that will be changing very soon.

If I was posting on My Lovely Obsessions today, I would post about pineapple, podcasts and Better Call Saul. I’m not eating much pineapple right now — I’m a little allergic to it in its raw state — but I love the way it looks. I just bought shoes with a pineapple print on them, and I got excited this weekend with Chicago’s warmer temps, because it’s almost time to start wearing my summery pineapple print shirt again.

Regarding podcasts, I’ve been listening to some for years, but lately I’ve really ramped up the shows I listen to. I’m listening while commuting (instead of reading — too tired) and it’s great. I listen while I edit and it’s even better. Just a little fun during my crazy days.

My schedule is still nutso with work, and while I find to be social and a little time to sleep, I don’t have much time for TV. But I do make time for Better Call Saul, just not every week. Yes, I already had to have a mini marathon for a show that’s only a few weeks old. But I love it. Another groundbreaking revelation from the Bright Green Eyeliner blog. It’s a good show and I’m not the first to think so. Woo.

Anyway, the only reason I’m posting at all today is that it’s been a good weekend, spent with a lot of people I love, and communicating with other people I love, and yeah, just feeling the love right now. Hearts and all that stuff.

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I’m ready.


I'm ready.




In list form, cuz that’s how I roll.

*Teaching is going well. I still get a little nervous about it now and then, but I really like it overall. My mom has been saying I should be a teacher for years. I responded to that usually with a “uh..ok..” or “mmhmm…whatever.” 

*I’ve now completed four weeks of classes, and I’m still getting organized and acclimated to everything that has to be done. I’m trying to make a lot of notes in case I teach these classes again. 

*Lesson plans come already made for us, so it’s been a little difficult to integrate my own ideas into classes. I’m sure that will become easier with time. But tonight was the first time I introduced a class to the wacky stuff I pin to my “self care” pinterest board, and it went over ok. Basically, I led my students through about 45 minutes of yoga poses for relaxation, and maybe about half of them liked it. Yeah, yoga isn’t for everyone. I went into the class with a plan to do yoga and a dance party, but by the time we got to that part of the class, I was really too tired for a dance party, and didn’t really have the guts or energy to dance in front of these students. 

*I am kinda beyond tired. So, I’m drinking more coffee, which is fine. But I much much much prefer sleep to caffeine. Someday. 

*I’ve been a little disappointed about the lack of AV capabilities in the classrooms in which I teach. Gaaahhhh. I can’t play my mixes or the super fun youtube playlist I created for my students. I’ve figured out another way to play music, but no go on showing the videos yet. Frustrating. 

*I’m not surprised by this, but I’m not yet a great lecturer. I much prefer to lead discussions, so that’s what I do. I’m getting better at talking more in front of a class, but that just means my throat is drier at the end of the night. I’m working on it. 

*I’m also getting better at letting the students know when I’m not happy about something. I realized I really don’t like when students ask me “what are we doing next?” or “can we do this now?” Especially when these questions are asked while we are in the middle of a lesson or doing something else. I know they aren’t trying to take advantage of my newness and maybe they think they are being helpful, but I get beyond annoyed by these two questions. 

*So. Much. Paper.

*Thing I kinda yelled in class tonight: “Really?! You think Jay Gatsby wasn’t depressed? Come on.” (Honestly, this convo did have a lot to do with massage)

*My schedule is really ridiculous. Not complaining, just stating. But it’s mostly fun so far, so yay?


Images via and via. I just need some pretty and sleep right now.