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I’m ready.


I'm ready.





In list form, cuz that’s how I roll.

*Teaching is going well. I still get a little nervous about it now and then, but I really like it overall. My mom has been saying I should be a teacher for years. I responded to that usually with a “uh..ok..” or “mmhmm…whatever.” 

*I’ve now completed four weeks of classes, and I’m still getting organized and acclimated to everything that has to be done. I’m trying to make a lot of notes in case I teach these classes again. 

*Lesson plans come already made for us, so it’s been a little difficult to integrate my own ideas into classes. I’m sure that will become easier with time. But tonight was the first time I introduced a class to the wacky stuff I pin to my “self care” pinterest board, and it went over ok. Basically, I led my students through about 45 minutes of yoga poses for relaxation, and maybe about half of them liked it. Yeah, yoga isn’t for everyone. I went into the class with a plan to do yoga and a dance party, but by the time we got to that part of the class, I was really too tired for a dance party, and didn’t really have the guts or energy to dance in front of these students. 

*I am kinda beyond tired. So, I’m drinking more coffee, which is fine. But I much much much prefer sleep to caffeine. Someday. 

*I’ve been a little disappointed about the lack of AV capabilities in the classrooms in which I teach. Gaaahhhh. I can’t play my mixes or the super fun youtube playlist I created for my students. I’ve figured out another way to play music, but no go on showing the videos yet. Frustrating. 

*I’m not surprised by this, but I’m not yet a great lecturer. I much prefer to lead discussions, so that’s what I do. I’m getting better at talking more in front of a class, but that just means my throat is drier at the end of the night. I’m working on it. 

*I’m also getting better at letting the students know when I’m not happy about something. I realized I really don’t like when students ask me “what are we doing next?” or “can we do this now?” Especially when these questions are asked while we are in the middle of a lesson or doing something else. I know they aren’t trying to take advantage of my newness and maybe they think they are being helpful, but I get beyond annoyed by these two questions. 

*So. Much. Paper.

*Thing I kinda yelled in class tonight: “Really?! You think Jay Gatsby wasn’t depressed? Come on.” (Honestly, this convo did have a lot to do with massage)

*My schedule is really ridiculous. Not complaining, just stating. But it’s mostly fun so far, so yay?


Images via and via. I just need some pretty and sleep right now. 


I am so ready for these.




Classroom Tunes



Hello! Since I announced on this blog that I will be teaching at my massage alma mater next term (which starts on Monday, 3/17 – aaaahhh!), I thought I’d give you an update on how the planning is going. I’ve been preparing a ton for my two classes, because that is the only way that I could really get calm and be ready for teaching. I am happy to say that my levels of excitement have bypassed my levels of nervousness, at least for now. We’ll see how I feel Monday afternoon. 

I’ve had so many wonderful colleagues and friends help me get ready for these classes, and for them I am so very very grateful. But I have done some stuff on my own, and I thought I’d share a little of that with you. First, I created a pinterest board about Massage & Self Care so I could pin things I might incorporate into class. The nice thing about massage school is even if you are teaching about business stuff, you can stop the class for massage breaks! It is really the best. 

Additionally, in the business class in particular, there is a lot of thinking about your future, what jobs you want to have, and filling out worksheets that help you plan your career in massage. And what is nice to do while you’re doing paperwork in class? Listen to music! So, I made five (yes, five, I want to be really prepared) new mixes that I can play for my students. I’m posting them here on my blog because anyone can listen to the mixes, not just my students. Hope you like 🙂

(ps — I don’t think I am capable of making downtempo mixes. It’s a skill I really need to work on, someday.)

Positivity Mix (the top image goes with this mix)

Chill & Focused



Classroom Dance Party (dance is a form of self care, for me anyway)



Uptempo Instrumental



Classtime Funtime


This is good.


I needed this! Thank you, Golden–Ponies.


Le sigh.



Brain dump time! Here goes:

*I’ve had a fairly quiet 2014 so far, and besides the crazy unceasing winter, this year has been pretty lovely. But things are about to change, and I am hoping I handle things well. 

*2013 was great because I finished my massage therapy program, got licensed and instead of being dumped out into the world, my MT school hired me as a tutor/TA, which has been pretty awesome/fun. 

*But now I’ve been asked to teach two classes — just me, leading a class, teaching. I am on the verge of being insanely nervous about this. 

*I’m teaching Professionalism & Ethics and Business. I took these classes when I was in school and I have a general idea of what’s involved, but I have a ton of prepping/planning to do. 

*What kind of teacher am I going to be? What am I going to wear? Do I have time to get my hair cut/colored before my classes start? How are my students going to be? How am I going to talk for FOUR hours two evenings a week? I have to be on my game and set a really good example!

*The above are just random thoughts floating in my head — I have two lists of questions written down in my planner. One for the education director about various admin things and one for myself about things I have to figure out before I start teaching. But one question on the figure-it-out list is “What music will I play when students are working?” And that means I have some mix-making to do, which makes me happy and calms me down somewhat. 

*So, that’s that. I mainly wanted to blog-vent before I start this evening’s round of planning. And I wanted to find some pictures that would pep me up. Top — narwhals make me happy, and swimming with them would be crazy fun. Bottom — maybe that will be my little mantra when I start feeling nervous. Bad vibes be gone! I can do this! (I hope)


Happy? Happy!



Happy New Year — almost. Are you making any resolutions or do you have any big plans? The main resolution I’ve thought of for myself (so far) is to do more grocery shopping. My schedule during the second half of 2013 was so crazy busy that I couldn’t make it to the store too often, and I missed fresh ingredients and being able to cook for myself. So, the goal is to maintain the busy schedule (for just the early part of 2014), while also finding time for social, cleaning, laundry and grocery shopping. No lie, I’m exhausted already just thinking about all that. 

But whatever, now is time for New Years Eve, and party party party, or not if you choose to. I’m pretty laid back when it comes to NYE plans — I might go out, I might stay in, but I want it to be no-fuss, easy and fun, even if it’s quiet. I was thinking about past NYE events I’ve attended, and these really stick out to me:

*One year, when I was really young, my cousin Todd watched his brother Tony and me at my parent’s house — all I remember is that we ate Tombstone pizza and played games and got to leave the TV on all night. 

*In 8th or 9th grade, sitting with my friend Stephanie on her parent’s couch, miserably watching some NYE celebration on one of the Chicago TV stations. We both vowed that someday we’d have fun on NYE, possibly involving some big hotel party and fancy dresses.

*I don’t remember any college NYE parties, but soon after college, I remember in 1999 wearing shiny black pants, partying at some big bar and coming home to cook mac & cheese for all of my friends who were staying over. (I’m pretty sure Stephanie was one of those friends, but I don’t know if we discussed whether that NYE was better or worse than sitting on her parent’s couch. I’m pretty certain it was better, no offense to her parents.)

*The cold NYE that Jen, Julie and I spent on Navy Pier, drinking champagne and watching the fireworks. I think we even went on the ferris wheel. It was COLD.

*The NYE that TCM had a Thin Man marathon, and I tried really hard to convince my brother that eating snacks and watching those movies would be fun. He disagreed and we had a dance party instead. The Thin Man movies are fantastic, but my brother was right to focus on the dance. 

What I’ve learned is that good or bad, fun or boring, quiet or loud (fun with opposites!!), the outcome of your NYE festivities or lack thereof are not really going to set the tone of the next year. Just take each day as it comes and try to enjoy!

This year I was planning on going to see my friend J’s band play at Fireside Bowl (three cheers for Stolen Airplane!), but instead I’m staying in Indiana so i can visit with my Aunt Pat some more before I have to go back to work. Aunt Pat just had heart surgery and I’m trying to visit her as much as possible during her hospital stay. She’s doing well, so NYE is going to be upbeat — my siblings and mom are going to snack, play silly games and probably sneak in a dance party or two. It will be great, and I hope yours is as well, whatever you decide to do. Have a great 2014!


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